The IPS  (International Primatological Society) Congress is rescheduled to

                                       January 9-14, 2022


Dear IPS Members,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones to be well.

I am writing on behalf of the IPS officers, in collaboration with the SLAPrim officers, to let you know that our joint IPS/SLAPrim meeting is now scheduled for January 2022 in Quito.

This difficult decision was reached in collaboration and consultation with the chair of the local organizing committee in Quito (Stella de la Torre).  Based on reports of the status of COVID and delays in vaccination programs throughout Latin America and elsewhere in the world, we concluded that August 2021 would be too soon for many of us to participate.  Therefore, we are aiming to re-schedule our meeting to begin with the reception on Sunday, January 9,and continue through Friday, January 14. 

We have already received confirmation about our access to the meeting venue, as well as about additional auditorium space if that is needed at the local university.  We have also obtained confirmation from the conference hotels (Swissotel, Dann Carlton and Hilton Colon) that all reservations and price agreements will be carried forward into this new period. 

Please know that we have also discussed the possible need to revisit this decision and move to an even later postponement (to August 2022), but we did not want to prematurely exclude this earlier, January 2022 possibility, especially since there are indications that vaccine access and distribution may improve rapidly over the upcoming months. 

In rescheduling our meeting for January 2022, we hope to optimize participation without risking the safety of either attendees or our hosts in Quito, and at the same time, reconvene for what is sure to be an amazing IPS/SLAPrim conference.

Because of this extended delay, we are also working with Steve Schapiro, chair of the Scientific Committee, to develop a series of Virtual IPS/SLAPrim talks/symposia to be held this upcoming August 2021 (when we had hoped to meet in person).  This virtual event will be free to current  IPS/SLAPrim registrants, so please watch for news about it.  If you are not currently registered for Quito, but would like to register for both the virtual session and the Quito January 2022 meeting at the current rate, please let us know. 

Also, if you have not yet done so, please make sure that you have renewed your IPS membership.  Many of you may not realize that our main sources of revenue for our grants programs are membership dues and the funds we raise through the silent auction at the meetings. The necessity of postponing the meetings due to COVID has deprived us of these latter funds for 2021. Our grants programs depend on your membership dues more than ever this year. Please be sure to check the IPS website regularly for updates about these programs.

I know that all of the IPS and SLAPrim officers share my hope that this planned change in the meeting schedule is good news for you.  We deeply regret any inconvenience it may cause, but we hope you understand the many concerns that must be balanced.

In the meantime, please stay well.

Karen B. Strier

IPS President