The idea to organize a BGP meeting in April 2021 is postponed.

So far we don't know when we will be able to host the next BGP meeting !


Last meeting of the Belgian Group for Primatology  took place on

THURSDAY  October 10, 2019  in Liège

 Institut de Zoologie ULiège, Quai Édouard van Beneden, 22

Invited speaker:

Cédric SUEUR (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, Université de Strasbourg-CNRS, France)

" Research gaps in animal social network analysis "               

See BGP meeting Program attached   

Photo exhibition "SARU, Monkeys from Japan"

At 7:30 p.m. Cédric SUEUR delivered a public conference on the theme of the exhibition : " VIE ET CULTURE DES MACAQUES JAPONAIS ".

Fany Brotcorne (Secretary FNRS Contact Group 'Primatolgy', ULiège)  &

Régine Vercauteren Drubbel (President BGP, ULB)


Book 'Saru Singes du Japon' Photography: Alexandre Bonnefoy, Text: Cédric Sueuer, Marie Pelé, Illustrations: Delphine Vaufrey, Preface: Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Editions Issekinicho, 2016  ISBN: 979-10-95397-01-4


The BGP organizes joint meetings with the FNRS contact group ‘Primatology’.

The meeting focuses on prestigious invited speakers giving a plenary lecture and on scientific communications presented by students and researchers from Belgian Universities or Institutions. A meeting may also be devoted to a workshop gathering different research teams together to highlight one specific topic.

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