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Dear Colleagues, Dear friends,

On behalf of the organisation committee, I am more than happy to invite you to visit the website dedicated to the 7th European Federation for Primatology meeting, that will be hosted by the University of Strasbourg at Strasbourg in France. Please save the date:  22-25 august 2017. This meeting is organized by the University of Strasbourg, the Centre de Primatologie and  the Société Francophone de Primatologie. After Roma , Italy, this is the first time the EFP meet in France and I am sure that will be a great meeting.

This first message is to invite you to spread the words and send the below link of the website to all your contacts interested by the Primatology. You can also look for ‘EFP2017’ on google and you will find it.

                You will find in the website all the information needed to organize your venue. Please pay attention that , as usual now, there is a call  for symposium organization. I will let you refer to the scientific committee recommendations.

Further messages from EFP board  and organization committee will come soon, but for now please visit and reserve at:  EFP2017: http://www.alphavisa.com/efp/2017/index.php

All my best wishes,


Dr Brice Lefaux, DVM, MSc , Président de la Société Francophone de Primatologie


Pre-program - EFP 2017

Monday 21 August: French-speaking conference

day reserved for SFDP members, on the occasion of the 30th SFDP Anniversary

EFP 2017 - Conferences

From Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 August

EFP 2017 - Visit of the Primate Center of the Strasbourg University

Friday 25 August             

 Local Organizing Committee

  • Fanélie Wanert (chair) - Strasbourg University
  • Pascal Ancé - Silabe Strasbourg
  • Helen Beyer - Silabe Strasbourg
  • Romain Lacoste - CNRS - Aix-Marseille
  • Yves Larmet - Strasbourg University
  • Brice Lefaux - Mulhouse Zoo
  • Martine Ohl - Strasbourg University
  • Cinzia Trapanese - Strasbourg University

Scientific Committee

  • Hélène Meunier (chair) - Strasbourg University
  • Kim Bard - University of Portsmouth
  • SarahBortolamiol - MNHNParis
  • Marie Bourjade - Toulouse University
  • Marie Charpentier - CNRS - Montpellier
  • Marie Cibot - MNHN Paris
  • Hélène Cochet - Toulouse University
  • §  Bertrand Deputte
  • Julie Duboscq - Kyoto University
  • Joël Fagot - Aix-Marseille University
  • Cécile Garcia - MNHN Paris
  • Emilie Genty - Neuchâtel University
  • Guy Germain - Editorial board of the Revue de Primatologie
  • Erik Gustafsson - University of Portsmouth
  • Marie-Claude Huynen – Liège University
  • Marine Joly - University of Portsmouth
  • Vincent Leblan - IRD Paris
  • Jean-Baptiste Leca - Lethbridge University
  • Julia Lehmann - Roehampton University
  • Alban Lemasson - University of Rennes 1
  • Florence Levrero - Saint-Etienne University
  • Audrey Maille - MNHN Paris
  • Shelly Masi - MNHN Paris
  • Adrien Meguerditchian - Aix-Marseille University
  • Jérôme Micheletta - University of Portsmouth
  • Victor Narat - Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Emmanuelle Pouydebat - MNHN Paris
  • Arnaud Rey - Aix-Marseille University
  • Brigitte Senut - MNHN Paris
  • Jacques Vauclair
  • Augusto Vitale - Instituto Superiore di Sanità Rome
  • Régine Vercauteren Drubbel - Université Libre de Bruxelles


                                     The EFP 2013 meeting is over ...

Thanks to 270 participants, 5 outstanding keynote speakers, numerous oral and poster presentations  the meeting was a scientific and social success !
If you want to see pictures, please check out the facebook pages and the EFP photo site.



Dear All,

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th Congress of the European Federation for Primatology, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from 10th – 13th September 2013. The congress will be organised by Antwerp University, in association with the Centre for Research and Conservation of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, the University of Liège, the Free University of Brussels and the Belgian Group for Primatology.

'Primates in our hands', the general theme of the conference refers to fact that, to date, survival of many primate species lies in the hands of mankind. Therefore, sharing and exchanging scientific knowledge on all aspects of primate biology is our duty. EPF2013 wants to contribute to this goal by addressing a broad range of topics in the field of primatology, introduced by leading scientists, and ranging from conservational biology, behaviour and cognition, physiology, ecology to functional morphology. We especially encourage contributions from junior scientists, and will be offering attractive student fees.
The conference will be on the city campus of the University of Antwerp, right in the heart of Antwerp city, in a beautiful historical setting.

Kind regards,

The Scientific Committee

Marie-Claude Huynen, Université de Liège (chair)
Jeroen Stevens, Centre for Research and Conservation (vice-chair)
Peter Aerts, Universiteit Antwerpen
Kristiaan D'Août, Universiteit Antwerpen
Rudi D'Hooge, KU Leuven
Jean-Louis Doucet, ULG Gembloux
Marcel Eens, Universiteit Antwerpen
Charlotte K. Hemelrijk, University of Groningen
Eckhard W. Heymann, German Primate Center (DPZ)
Tatyana Humle, University of Kent
Rosine Orban, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Carel van Schaik, Universität Zürich
Régine Vercauteren Drubbel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgian Group for Primatology
Elisabetta Visalberghi, Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome